Do you have a liquor license?

Due to licensing in both Pennsylvania and New York State, mobile facilities cannot hold liquor licenses. Laws vary from Pennsylvania to New York, so be sure to include the location of your event in your inquiry. Due to licensing in both states we are not allowed to supply (sell) the alcohol. This means we cannot do a cash bar.

All alcohol must be purchased by the clients. We can service any private events, where drinks are free to guests (birthday, wedding, shower, etc.) but in order to service public events we cannot sell alcohol.

In Pennsylvania we are able to serve beer, wine, cider or spirits at any event whether public or private (as long as it is supplied by the host).

In New York State we are unable to serve ANY liquor at a public venue, but we are permitted to serve beer, wine and cider by securing a day permit. If the event is at a private venue in New York then we can serve any alcohol purchased by the client.

If we are having an alcohol free event can we still use the trailer?

Of course! The trailer can be reserved for any type of event, many people like to use it as a photo booth! If you choose this option we would be happy to let you borrow some of our props (Wicker peacock chairs, vintage tables, etc.) at no extra cost! We can even move our tables and fridges out of the trailer so you can utilize the interior!

You could also just reserve the trailer to serve desserts at your event! See our Sweets page for dessert options!

Can I order desserts without renting the trailer?

Absolutely! Hometown Honey started as a home bakery that delivered to clients, and part of our business is still that! We are a PA registered Limited Food Establishment, which means that we are legally allowed to make certain treats out of our home, and that we do so in a food-safe manner!

Email or call us today to order your sweets!

Will your décor match our event? Is it extra?

We are still working on a getting photos of all of our décor options (some are still in the shop getting spruced up!) And we are happy to NEVER charge our clients extra to have these items at their disposal.

What we currently have:

Three different styles of vintage "peacock" chairs

Vintage wicker "bar cart"

Vintage String Lights

A Beautiful vintage buffet table

Customizable signs

*Our mobile dessert bar looks great with flowers on it, however we do NOT provide these! They are something you would have to work with a florist to create! We are happy to use any other decorations that the client provides!

Do you need electricity?

A plug in would be ideal and we always bring extension cords, but we also bring a generator to every event just in case. This is a very quiet electric generator that can keep the trailer going for up to 10 hours at a time!

Can you help us figure out how much alcohol to purchase?

We will consult with our clients on any and all alcohol purchases and based off of your guest count and level of drinking expected we can estimate how much you will want to purchase and get a general idea of how much it will cost! If you purchase your alcohol from reputable sources you should be able to return whatever bottles have not been opened.

Do you have a tap system on the trailer?

We do not have a tap system in our trailer at this time. However, we understand that you may want to purchase a keg to keep your costs lower and we have plenty of room to accommodate on our trailer!